Spin Measure Cut

by Black Bear Tribe

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A masterful blend of big riffs and delicate harmonies, 'Spin Measure Cut' is Black Bear Tribe's full-length debut - a resurrection of classic rock with folk and funk influences.


released May 24, 2014

Jason Kraft - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Sam Perry - lead guitar, background vocals
Jeff Hechler - bass guitar, piano, synthesizer, background vocals
Trevor Ezell - drums, auxiliary percussion, background vocals

Recorded at Analogue Muse, New York
Engineered by Jeff Hechler
Produced by Jeff Hechler, Sam Perry, Trevor Ezell
Mastered by MastAndMix
Album Artwork by Zoe Hanson
Additional guitars on "Storm Song" by Talor Steinberg

Special thanks to: our families, Analogue Muse, Ben Jay, Greg Berg, Alyssa Breguet and all of rock progenitors



all rights reserved


Black Bear Tribe New York, New York

Jason Kraft
Sam Perry
Matt Cincotta
Andrew Nesbitt

high voltage
and primal

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Track Name: City Girl
She's a city girl, but she don't need no pity girl
And she's a dynamite, blowing up hearts with an appetite

She doesn't know why she cries,
When you're not by her side
Somehow you're on her mind, her thoughts are left behind

She's a city girl, but she kicks like a country mule
She's in her city world, girl's got moves that'll make you drool

She doesn't know how it got this bad,
A simple guy like you and a love she's never had
Somehow you're on her mind, her thoughts are left behind

Oh! She's my city girl
She's in love with a suburb boy in her city world
Track Name: What You Get
You want me, you need me
Girl you just have to have me
And when you see the way we do things you'll be all about me

This moment, this passion
You feel the funk among us
Girl you can play so shy but trust me that is just a bonus

What you see is what you get
Divers always come out wet
The forest is a dense domain
Leafy dripping sugar cane

Your spirit, your body
I know the way you play
You think that you're the type who might be uninclined to stay

Sweet visions, collisions
I know the things you like
I promise when it happens, babe I'll show you my delight

The sun rises on her shoulder as distant fires die
Night melts into the pillow as slowly whispers rise

What you see is what you get
Deserts flowers start to sweat
Beneath the lofty caravan
Serpents stir the dormant sand
Track Name: Two Way Street
They say love’s a two way street,
But it’s only one way to me

Coming home baby, coming home to see
The red inside your eyes, the emptiness in me
No time to run baby, no time to walk the beam
It took no time to realize this love was all a dream

They say love’s a two way street,
But it’s only one way to me

Needing holding baby, craving your desire
Hearts have grown into a tree, a tree that’s set afire
No time to run baby, no time to catch a gleam
It took no time to realize this love was all a dream

They say love’s a two way street,
But it’s only one way to me

You know I love you baby, and you know I’m coming home
I’m running all around this town, but you know I’m coming home
My mama told me baby, no need to feel alone
Well you know I love you baby, and you know I’m coming home
Track Name: Storm Song
Let fly, we charted our course
Islands on maps only promise shores
What we had, we don't have and we want it back
We can't live all our lives underneath this flag

Salty brine smashes the helm with spray
Slowly the sailor's mind melts away
We don't know what we want but we want it now
And the stormiest sea couldn't slow me down

Time's been flying but we've been trying too
We're not here for trouble, we'll do what we have to do

One might lose faith in that northern star
When cast away as it seems we are
As you reach then the target can draw away
It's too easy to live from the day-to-day

Hear the crack of the pounding waves
Whip lash on our backs beat us to our graves
Heavy laden and weary we try to stand
And a man hopes the sea does not claim the man

Time’s been flying and now we’re dying too
We’re not here for trouble but trouble is coming soon
Time is burning and we’re done concerning you
The rest is history, we’ll do what we have to do

Far corners warn that ‘here there be monsters’
But here there be monsters everywhere
Jaws of death gnash, but westward winds snatch and wrest us
Back to eternity’s pulse

Time’s been driving, yet still we’re striving too
We’re not here for trouble but trouble tests the resolute
Time is burning, the sea’s now turning blue
The rest is history, we’ll do what we have to do
Track Name: The Last Ride
"Sing, O goddess, the stalwart heart
Of Priam’s son that blood imparts
To veins walled ev’n as Ilion’s gates
To Argive spears cast unabate,
Where god-men blood-rush battlefield,
In standing still to move the will;
How raging wrath nobility met
In death, yet holding alive to death.
As stand before the fall precedes,
Life lost, glory’s citadel keeps…"

Comes now a familiar tale
Of glory and human fire –
Far away, where corpses burn,
Bodies in mêlée’s pyre.

Down there a rumbling stirs,
Stench and fear are all around.
Proudly the hero beams
Eyes that tear the heart of men.

Raise your spear, raise your shield,
And ride!

From a safer distance high above the throng
Comes the coward’s call to recede behind the wall.
Shame beckons behind her gates, but the proud man says, “Come on!”
So here’s the last ride: death, comes before the fall!

Hulking steps now he feels
Swiftly beneath the Trojan sun;
Very wrath, it seems, to speed
Invincible across the sand.

Greek tresses Hector spots
And knows the weight of time
In his ear whispers some god:
“Trojan, stand for your life.”

And if you listen close, you still can hear the sound
Of Hector’s ghost, who fought for that beloved ground.
He goes to the shades now, forever released
By Achilles’ sharp blade to the vast Elysian seas,
And if you sweep away the gore, there will be found
The bust of he who bit the dust bleeding on the ground.
Track Name: Golden Lady
Golden Lady lay your head down
Rest from weary troubled trials
Fragrant lilacs in your hair
Unburdened peace is in your smile

Heaven only knows how we got here
River daughter feeding us honeycomb
Softly singing ancient melodies
Resting our heads on beds of loam

Silver starlight fills your eyes
Songs from lands of long ago
Blissful notes float in your ears
Sleep the fire’s growing low
Track Name: Wheels of Time
Timeless in its essence, finite in effect
Titans worn to rubble, victims of neglect

For the wheels of time always catch us
The oldest bit of lore
Fate, a prison, we’ve been trapped in
The tale is told once more

Lessons never learned, cyclical in nature
Destiny is written according to the plan
Generations lost, another soon forgotten
Aimlessly we’re drifting, ever-closer to the edge
Through a host of streams, flowing from existence
Time alone is certain, she warns us once again
What has happened before will happen again

Key to our survival, culture as it’s known
Goddess in her temple tops the wooden throne

For the hourglass’s been turned over
The sand falls to its floor
The wheels of time always spinning
The tale is told once more
Track Name: He Alone Tonight
He alone tonight

Well I’m climbing up a willow tree
Looking for the part of me
The part of me I lost when I found you

I’m second-guessing every day
Wondering if I’m gonna stay
Stand on the edge and jump right in

He alone tonight

Well this problems never frees from me
So whiskey’s my apology
I’m howling on my knees in the Brooklyn night

Wishing wells in muddled clay
Subway cars and jealous rage
Someone won’t you save me from my dreams
Track Name: Stay With Me
The chill of the night crawls into me
And I know your embrace won't save me
This bar stands alone as snow dances down
And my heart stands alone in this town

This whiskey in my heart burns like your eyes
The warmth I feel on this night is no surprise
There are vagabonds running thick thwarting the night
There is me, me alone with nothing to write

Won't you stay, stay with me
Stay for the night
I'm alive, you’re alone
There's no need to cry

Won't you stay, stay with me
Stay for the night
We are two lonely souls
Hoping to die

I feel your heart dispersed out on a cloud
Your laugh is music to me screamed out aloud
I am running quick toward the grave, buried alive
I am holding on to the night, when two souls collide
Track Name: Black Arrow
The king under the mountain
Slumbers over his hoard
Guarded with vapors, smoke and fire
No creature dares eek a word

Black arrow fly!
Sail into the ruby sky
Black arrow fly!
Pierce the wyvern, let him die

The mountain’s shadow grows tall
The beast it holds has conquered all
He has spoiled the land
But now his hour is at hand!
Track Name: Forgotten Dreams
Walking all alone on the edge of the night,
I feel a knife and it’s going inside
I didn’t know who or where it was,
I turned around and it’s only my bride
Well I see the face of an ancient ghost in the window of an empty train
Well I see a girl on a red brick road on her knees and she’s crying rain

And the black tornado is a rippin’ and it’s coming to town
Run to the hills and rooftops without a sound
Tiny black umbrellas flying round in the sky
Well hold your arms out and hope you’re able to fly

And I don’t need nothing anymore it seems
I don’t need all these forgotten dreams
Don’t need all these forgotten dreams anymore

Stare at myself in a rusted mirror and I pour a glass of wine
Don’t know what to believe anymore but I do believe in time
You skeleton key and you try and try, but you just can’t open me
Well I’ve sealed my fate and I hope you relate and it just comes home to me